Beta Strategy

We have created 100+ stratagies but it was not giving consicutive profit. Finally we are now into the beta strategy using this strategy lot of clients are satisfied with us. This strategy can be used by both intraday traders and position traders. If you follow the rules of the strategy surely you will see good results in your trading.

This strategy will suite for those who has basic knowledge in technical analysis. We have three methods in beta strategy, using those strategy we are trading daily and showing our live trading performance in our youtube channel "beta traders india". Watch our live trading videos.

Strategy No: 1

This strategy is a combination of 2 indicators. There are some conditions to trade if the conditions are matched you can enter into the market.


  • you can avoid side ways market entry
  • unlimited target daily
  • stop loss ration will be 1:1.5 to 1:3
  • success ration 85%

Strategy No: 2

This strategy will work well in nifty,bank nifty and stocks. For commodity you have to start trading after 5 pm according to strategy no 2.


  • you can trade without stoploss
  • fixed target daily
  • riskless
  • accuracy will be 80%

Strategy No: 3

This method is purely based on price action. There are some calculations to trade, using that calculation you can enter into the trade & the script selections are more important.


  • No need to watch market
  • stop loss ratio will be 1:1.5
  • success ration 80%

Course Details

Course duration : 3 days
Interested whatsapp to 8300065437 / 9677451513


  • you will receive strategy updates at free of cost
  • membership for lifetime

Beta Strategy Training Fee

  • 2 strategies : Rs 7000
  • 3 strategies : Rs 10000
  • mode of training : online/classroom/free lancing